HTE Labs provides process specialties wafer foundry, thin film vacuum deposition services, applied thin film processing for analog and mixed signal bipolar manufacturing processes, Analog CMOS wafer foundry, R&D support, research and development support for microelectronics and process specialties wafer Fab processing to customers from semiconductors and microelectronics industry. Bipolar wafer foundry includes the following processes: 20V bipolar process,45V bipolar process,75V bipolar process,25V super-beta bipolar process and high voltage dielectric isolated bipolar processes. R&D support is provided in the following fields of microelectronics: test and measurement, medical instrumentation, industrial process control and communications, thin film active and passive components technologies, flip chip technology (TiW/Cu/Cu/SnPb), MEMS technology, smart sensor technologies (inertial, pressure, temperature, gas and smoke detectors), optoelectronic technologies and components, discrete and integrated circuits technology development for special applications, LiNbO3 applications including SAW, Ti diffusion, light wave guides and Mach-Zender light modulators. Specialty wafer Fab processing: epi deposition, epitaxy, SiGe, epi, diffusion and oxidation, ion implant, LPCVD nitride, PECVD nitride Si3N4, SiO2, platinum silicidation, photo-lithography, plasma etching, silicon micro-machining with KOH anisotropic etch, backside sputter depositions of Ti/Ni/Ag, gold deposition, gold alloy, lift off processes, Ti/Pt/Au lift off process, sputter depositions of thin film resistors : SiCr, NiCr, TaN2, silicon wafers back grind and polish followed by tri-metal backside sputter depositions, gold backside sputter depositions and alloy : gold electroplating and gold bump, wafer probing, dicing services, wafer saw, package development, solid via packages, packaging and test services, failure analysis services, SEM, scanning electron microscopy, ellipsometer measurements, four point probe measurements.

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